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    venerdì 2 marzo 2012


    It's been less than three days that Hannah is home.
    Hannah is my new flower and weirdly enough I tend to give names to my flowers.
    Since November 2011, when I firstly moved into this new house, I hadn't bought any flowers so it was a great joy for me to have a new plant member in my home.

    It's been sunny and warm these days, which stimulated a bloom of Hannah's pink/fuchsia flowers. I hadn't had any free time to buy Hannah a good vase and some more fertilizer, will do it tomorrow morning. I have used spinach broth to feed her, because it has more proteins and vitamins than water; I actually do a little bit of fresh water in the morning and a bit of spinach broth in the evening.

    I will dedicate some blog posts (here and there) to the life of Hannah and the things that come into my mind while staying in the presence of Hannah (people have God, I have flowers/tea cups with tea or whatever is there and gives me happiness).
    My room mates also see Hannah as a challenge for me or rather let's say they challenged me to take care of Hannah and to not let her drain to death (I'm a really messy person that's why for my flat mates was really easy to come up with such a challenge.)

    Later that day:
    I went out for a walk and I also bought a vase and some fertilizer for the flower.

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