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    domenica 4 marzo 2012

    Chew your own way :P

    I have always been a fanatic of chewingum.I perceive chewingum as an anti-stress, if I am chewing gum there is a lower chance that I will bite my finger nails. I also get more focused doing someother thing meanwhile I chew, but unfortunately it's a bad habit. 

    This a collage of pictures of a girl chewing gum and me being " a creep" and taking pictures of her meanwhile she chewed and chewed. 

    53 sec video done back at the times! 
    I wanted to give a feeling of anguish, absurd and  monotony. 

    2 commenti:

    1. what a video, for me was exactly absurd and monotony , reminded me nouvelle vague movie, little things(like chewing gum) that makes us see the concept.

      1. thank you for your comment ^^ I hope you stay tuned and criticize my future (or the older ones) blog posts! take care....