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    martedì 13 novembre 2012

    Home without being a home


    a rapport photographique des 111 dernières heures dans la ville des lumières aveuglantes.
    [bien sûr, le titre n'a pas de sens]
    des photos cliché, description inutile.

    sabato 10 novembre 2012

    Une Chatte Andalousienne

    When it used to be really sunny and hot and humiIiIid

    I arrived at lunch time in Seville. I remember the first moment when I was queuing for the bus to get to the city center. 
    Once the bus come and just took 15 people, because the driver got mad as we weren't queuing in the "perfect" way, so we ended up in the second bus being more than 50 people and with that weather we were was suffocating inside.  
     I remember the landscape from the airport to the city center, there was to some extend a desert and here & there you see malls, it was really extreme and senseless, but I liked it that way cause it's not everyday that you find such an atmosphere. It was like "Arizona Dream" mixed with "Fast times at Ridgemont high", ok just kind of at least in my mind. 

    I had my 10kg backpack and walking to the streets and getting to the hostel which was in a lost little street in the city center. It was extremely hot, had no map, with my backpack, no water, not a clear idea of what I was doing, with that humid it was hard for me to even breath properly; probably is one of the times that I have suffered most, I couldn't even see "the light at the end of the tunnel"(I can not describe it better, but it could have been a good video if someone had filmed me :P ). At the end I arrived at my hostel, in my private room and everything was fine. 

    Sort of at 7pm, I started sightseeing the city and found a lot of people on the streets, the atmosphere was just amazing.

    Next day in the morning I started the intense sightseeing and even if I was suffering from the humid and hot weather. 
    ( I know that I have used a lot the word "suffering", but even if I have lived all my life in the Mediterranean I can not stand hot and humid. I go in shocks if I stay too much in the sun and just the hotness itself makes me a nervous person so by day during summer I am kind of not the person that you want to hang out with, on the other hand on really humid days it has happened sometimes that I felt like an asthmatic; the perfect summer (concerning the weather) for me is in Scandinavia as the one that I had this year)
    I really love Seville, I love the Arabic influence as I hadn't have an other experience before with this culture. (ok I have seen mosques, because the best part of the population in my country is muslim.) 
    I don't know, I was just speechless in every detail, combined with spanish culture and even now days global spirit. 

    This was the summer after I finished my first year in architecture school, that's why there are so many pictures of buildings, at least this is my conclusion after I saw the pictures yesterday. ( I was kind of like: "what the fuck I have only pictures of buildings, was I that "brainwashed" after just one year in architecture school 0_o"."

    The palms after the tour of Andalusia are in the top five of my favorite trees. 
    There is a lot to be said concerning the city landscape, even concerning just the palms and where they were planed, why, when etc. 

    In the secondary little streets was "a world" to be discovered.......

    Maybe one day, I will write in a more detailed way, let's hope that I will wake up one morning in a good mood and just do a lot of analysis and detailed writing. 

    P.S: Suggest me, some good Andalusian tunes to put on this blogpost! ^_^