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    giovedì 8 novembre 2012


    NOTE: Tonight I have opened a new column called "muhabete" and I will post in this column by numbers every post. The column will be focused on talks with me and friends and strangers, talks that I hear in the bars or around, or online chats etc etc etccc; practically, except mine (but you actually won't know which are mine or not) , I will steal thoughts and let them undeclared. (if you see your thoughts and talks in here, you can share the blog post and leak the info, but I won't leak your name otherwise)

    Only when I travel I feel alive, but I know that it is not freedom, it's just an escape. 

    I should do something, something not planed a head, like a not planed trip. I always plan my trips and usually in a scary detailed way. I should take the first flight or train or bus or hitchhike to the cheapest place. 
    I wanted to go in early december in Poland, but they stole my 150euros in Vienna so now I have no money :/ 

    I have lived in Tirana (kind of a third world city) and visited a lot of ghettos by mistake or not in different countries. Do you think (like 4 reallz) I am afraid to walk alone at 5am in Munich, I mean is Germany one of the safest countries of the world (or probably the safest). 

    In Naples I was always afraid that someone was going to steal my backpack. I lived in fear for the whole weekend. But still I kept my backpack as usually on my back not as most tourists in their front, so maybe this way I could have given the idea that I wasn't a desperate tourist. 
    People were shouting all the time in there, but I liked the warmth of the city, I mean the atmosphere, yeah somehow in a bizarre way . 

    please note: the picture was taken by R and the editing was done by F. 
    Now R is part of one of the window glasses of Saint-Pierre Cathedral in Geneva. And of course some neon lights here and there to spoil the conservative feeling of the church.

    I love airports. 
    Yes, because there is the sign of you leaving, escaping again and again. I am going to tent in airport or train station, but I know that after a while I won't be happy even there cause it will become my natural habitat. 
    We have to be rich so we can travel and have homes in different cities. 
    Yes, but we will be still escaping and maybe that's not good cause at the end we will be escaping from our own self. And we can stay in hotels, is much better than homes, cause someone else will do the chores for us. 

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