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    mercoledì 24 ottobre 2012

    I feel a connection

    Ellen Rogers is a London-based photographer and filmmaker. 
    For more visit her website: 

    An Enigma- Edgar Allan Poe 
    "Seldom we find," says Solomon Don Dunce,

    Through all the flimsy things we see at once

    As easily as through a Naples bonnet-

    Trash of all trash!- how can a lady don it?

    Yet heavier far than your Petrarchan stuff-

    Owl-downy nonsense that the faintest puff

    Twirls into trunk-paper the while you con it."

    And, veritably, Sol is right enough.
    The general tuckermanities are arrant
    Bubbles- ephemeral and so transparent-
    But this is, now- you may depend upon it-
    Stable, opaque, immortal- all by dint
    Of the dear names that he concealed within 't. 

    Requiem for a dream 
    Directed by: David Arnofsky 


    Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 1998 inspired by Jeanne d'Arc

    Alberto Giacometti

    ATHENS- Social Meltdown 
    by: Ross Domoney


    venerdì 19 ottobre 2012

    no title

    Yes, it's in low quality :'(

    Made by:
    Sasha  Kononchenko
    Fiona M.
    Kerstin Kerstl

    Video done during the EASA Spain 2011