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    giovedì 8 marzo 2012

    too much "I think" in the same phrase

    I'm putting some thoughts that have been in my head here, just like this:

    More I look at the picture above and more I think about those old photos in the '90s. 
    There use to be these "professional" photographers at the center city that did polaroid photos to the children with stuffed animals (the stuffed animals were of the photographers who were trying to improvise a studio or of the kid) and than other family pictures in a green flowery background; everything was so artificial and you know what, the cherry on the top probably were those 100 volt (fake) smiles. 

    Than i think of all the flowers that i have brought my teachers at fist day of school and at teachers day (in Albania teacher's day is celebrated on 7march), I think that the only time a teacher enjoyed my flowers was on my first day of school ever (teacher Elda had such a genuin smile on her face) than the other ones said just "thank you" as it was part of a ritual that you must follow and that is it. 

    Then I think of Hannah, because the flowers on this tree have the same color as Hannah. If this was a damn mystic story I may title it "a flower that wants to be a tree".

    Than i think of the Tulip girl, of that night spent in the rain between the church and the roads; it was one of those times when I really felt like I did something for someone in need. 

    I want to finish my thoughts, with the  memory of buying fresh flowers from the peasants in the streets of the city. 

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    1. 7 marsin tim te fundit mbaj mend qe i dorezuam senatores se klases nje shume te caktuar lekesh kundrejt shenimit te emrit ne nje liste emerore. Dite me vone na tha qe leket e dhurates sone i kishte lene tek nje dyqan ku zysha kishte shkuar te zgjidhte dhuraten dhe te nesermen zysha na falenderoi dhe e kishte veshur.
      Shume njerez do skandalizoheshin, por mua me duket pasqyrim shume praktik dhe realist i nevojave dhe deshirave te gjithsecilit. Tek e fundit, kam pershtypjen se ajo pati nje dite te gezuar, sikurse dhe ne qe deri ne fund te shkolles na trajtonte me mire se nxenesit e klasave te tjera dhe na mbronte nga mesuesit e bezdisshem.