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    martedì 20 marzo 2012


    pane, burro e marmellata 

    during SI Fest (savingano image fest): I suggest to everyone that lives in the area,  to check the Savignano fest which is usually held in the first days of September. 

     Rum, Lime Juice & Sugar  
    "The name Daiquiri is also the name of a beach near Santiago, Cuba, and an iron mine in that area, and it is a word of Taino origin. The cocktail was invented about 1900 in a bar named Venus in Santiago, about 23 miles (37 km) east of the mine, by a group of American mining engineers. Among the engineers present were Jennings Cox, General Manger of the Spanish American Iron Co., J. Francis Linthicum, C. Manning Combs, George W. Pfeiffer, De Berneire Whitaker, C. Merritt Homes and Proctor O. Persing. Although stories persist that Cox invented the drink when he ran out of gin while entertaining American guests, the drink evolved naturrally due to the prevalence of lime and sugar."

    It also comes into my mind a notice that I have to make here: Mojito (the original one) is made with white sugar cane and not the brown one as you usually find it in the bars. 

     Yesterday was the first day of Spring, yayyy. 
    I find it true that ,we only lie to ourselves when hoping that as the seasons change better days come. We get all pumped up for more prosper days. Yes, the weather may and it does have an effect in our mood, but if we don't let ourselves feel the change and want a change it will never happen. 
    Kunora me lule dele

     Getting lost in the streets of Tamperrre (FI). 

    One of my fav. bars in Boston, can't remember the name or the correct address right now, but it was in Beacon Hill. 
    I love the dark red of the walls and the so easygoing chairs, a really good mind chocolate chip ice-cream. 

    This is a picture in our way out of Sophie (BU) meanwhile the local radio was playing:

     Coffee-break in Baltimore during the 9hours bus ride from DC to Boston. 

    Beacon Hill- Boston
    (how pathetic is it, posting a The Doors song below a picture where the focus is the door)

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