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    martedì 6 marzo 2012

    low definition on a rainy night


    we had no place where to sleep; there were actually people threading us because of the poor plan on vacationing; "I want to bit the shit out of the organizers of that trip, they showed my daughter such a bad time"; she studied for the literature exam during the trip; they stopped the bus just to have a smoke outside

     I'm going home cause I have to take my bicycle; it's more comfortable to go home at 3am in the middle of the rain while riding my bike. 

    we were in 6 in that taxi and fitted, yes ma'am we did 

    I said (shouting), my mama didn't tell me "don't smoke cause it's bad for your health but she made it a money problem"; dude I'm trembling she looked to me like she wanted to crucify me; let's go it's a little too late

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