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    sabato 25 febbraio 2012


    Note: Penxhere is the Turkish and also the Albanian archaic word for "window".

    (Lemon Tree by Fools Garden)

    Today it's 13 degrees and sunny, now I am keeping my window open to enjoy more the warm weather.

     I have always had a passion for windows, most of people are passionate about doors because they live with the cliche that doors may represent an opportunity, a better future, the exploring of the outside or in the extreme case "a door closes, another opens". 
    At the other hand, I see windows as a point where the outside meets the inside (or otherwise), a place where to hide and still have an opportunity on seeing what is happening outside, the mystery that is hidden behind the curtains, where interior decor opens up to the public,  etc. 
    While living in Albania, there were a lot of elder women (grandmas) that spied on their teenager grandchildren or in the other vast case (spying) on all the neighborhood; when there were no cellphones children playing in the garden used to shout to their moms in the window to deliver an information. 
    Windows are also a celebration of green in apartments. 





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