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    domenica 1 aprile 2012

    "playing dead" at museums

    I am an art gallery/museums junkie. When I'm travelling I try to spend as much time as possibles in art galleries/museums or even other kind of museums and (art) inspiring environments, that I find interesting at that moment and I have time to spare.

    When I go at art museums most of the times I take the guide (the one with headphones) the info papers that they distribute and I fool around. 
    I always try to take/write notes, but "my style" of notes is kind of wired (unfortunately I apply this even in school lectures). I never write the whole thing that I have in my mind, like the analysis that I am doing or the feelings instead I just write words, separate words associated with numbers. 
    I always and up having a massive headache after the tour, so most of the time I try to get myself together and take a nap at the benches of the museums. If the bench is big I just lay down (best case if I have the ipod with me) and nap, I mean I actually don't sleep (ok, I admit it, I slept for more than a half hour at Reina Sofia but I was exhausted) but I close my eyes and put my brain in hibernation mode. What I hate are the loud people in museums (especially when they chit-chat with each-other in the exhibition room, grrrr :@) and the sun because I can't stand it when it heats/hits my face (even-though in the first moments it's nice because I am all frizzed up after the exhibition; btw why those rooms are always so "fridge fashion forward"). 

    It has been a dream of mine, to actually have like three days in visiting a museum so I can take notes properly, fully enjoy it and not to be so exhausted.

    I try to apply a selection criteria to the museums or art galleries that I visit, it always depends on my mood, the art style and the artists. It's quite rare that I visit a art gallery in little cities, maybe it happened twice cause it was extremely hot and I couldn't chill in the park or I had nothing else to do. 

    "Playing dead" is best served with:

    the scent of fresh lavender (and...)

    the perfect light that caresses your eyes

    a cup of cappuccino 

    baseball bats to shut up all your chaotic thoughts and just chill for some minutes (and....)

    and with fresh air that blows you away. 

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