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    lunedì 9 aprile 2012

    heat 101

    Original Title: The heat of Ghana and Burkina Faso brings me back to the memories of Greece

    I checked out all the blog [] and this was my favorite postcard.
    This is the trip of Gus Arrowsmith and Sophie Lythgoe through Ghana and Burkina Faso. They have made some videos during the trip and I was fascinated by how genuine their "guided tour" is. 

    You can read everywhere polished travelers blogs letting you know which are the best places to visit and so on and so forth, but they are always so distant from the reader. 
    Meanwhile with Gus and Sophie's videos you feel like you are sucking wet under the sun with them and the songs come by like a fresh breeze :)

    In the summer of 2010 I spent a week in Leptokaria (by train: 40min apart from Thessaloniki) in a forum regarding European Youth Parliament. It was in the first week of August and it was insanely hot, like you couldn't breath that hot and humid it was. We were in a little village and our hostel was near the sea but you kind of had to walk 20min to get in the sea. I remember that, only one or two shops were open and they had the weirdest timetable, I mean they had no timetable at all-they opened and closed whenever they felt like, so sometimes you needed to go several times a day to purchase something. I remember that Ouzo (greek national drink) came cheap, 3 euros a bottle; nevertheless all the prices of food and drinks were really good. Our hostel didn't have internet and I never found open the internet center in the village, so practically 1 week without internet. 

    One day we did an excursion in the small island of Skiathos, in the northwest Aegean sea. At first I was so existed and I liked the visit in the town, with the little handcrafts shops, 100 tinny roads where you can get lost easily, the contrast of blue and white etc. What I liked best where the houses in white with blue windows and doors and the greens growing out of them, sprawling plants everywhere. After living the town we went to the beach, but the combination of tiredness and extreme heat and sand (I hate sand, it gets attached everywhere) made the rest of the day not so enjoyable for me.

     our hostel

     the best view of sprawling plants in the island 

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