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    lunedì 16 aprile 2012

    It's always darkest before the dawn

     Tavi Gevinson 

     backstage @ meadham kirchhoff

     I watched for the first time Jumanji after a decade that it had been made, by coincidence. I was with my brother, taking care of him while my grandpa was shopping for groceries. No need to say--> I was fascinated by the movie. 
    Today it's a decade that my brother is breathing, yes 10 years pass really fast. Only by my brother's bday I can see how fast time passes and what little I have done during this 10 years of my life, I don't actually think that I have made possible more than 2 or 3 commitments (to myself). Now I know that I have to do something, to change and/or achieve the things that I want. 
    Yesterday was yesterday, a day less in our life, A Day Less.

     Running with scissors, so much said in just three words!

     lemon sticky~a dream 

     Luna <3

     I really like The Ring (for sure the ring 1 was the best!) I saw for the first time these movie series two years ago, I have never been thrilled by horror movies but I gave it a shot and I got amazed. 
    It wasn't a horror movie, it was an in-depth in our fears!

     "I take part in all religious celebrations, catholic christian, muslim, orthodox christian and I am an atheist. I love celebrating, I see it as a come together of people in joy and less in the faith of sub-natural. I go to church every orthodox Easter with my religious friends. We stay in the streets in front of the church, in the middle of the night with candles in our hands while listening to the priest. My last detail is: I want to get married as a Indian with their traditions, so much color, so many ornaments, so I just have to find my spouse and than...."

     Yesterday was orthodox Easter and my family is orthodox, me-myself I am a non believer. I lost my religion when I blow the candles of my 15th birthday (more or less). Since than I have visited churches for architecture and art purposes and set on my family dinner on Christmas and Easter as part of the Atheist (my grandpa is also an atheist) front in some hot-blooded debates. Yesterday no-one wished me happy Easter (I wasn't aspecting anything from my friends, because they know me well) for the first time in my life. Me family and all relatives call or email me on such religious occasions, and as I am sure that they are not facing the fact that I am a non beliver I have my doubts that they have forgotten my existence. 
    Nevertheless, yesterday was a  sad and only day. 

    This blog post will be improved with more writings tomorrow (or in the upcoming hours) because now I am too tired + to muuuch stuff going on in my had to concentrate.

    Tell me more about your religious celebrations and or ideas/beliefs (during the years) or stories of people you know/don't know by writing a comment :)

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