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    domenica 29 gennaio 2012

    Musica da Cucina

    (written two nights ago)

    I just came from a little gig at Nero Su Bianco. This time there was a guy that played experimental music called Musica Da Cucina ( Kitchen Music). Never had I ever heard such thing, even though since I was little it had pass through my mind the idea of making rhythms with “kitchen instruments”. 

    When I was 11 years old we used to do Music as a school subject, it was an intro into this culture.  During the first lessons we tried to make rhythms with spoons and forks, as usually most of the time it was just chaos backed up with cheerful smiles. 

    Tonight, different kitchen instruments were used as a backup sounds into electric guitar songs mixed with clarinet melodies. It was kind of wired, not everyone could like such music, this is what I like to call “mood music”. If you are in the mood for such rhythms you like it, if not you will hate it for sure. For the first time in this little city I saw a cheerful crowd eager for something different.  At the end, we all played some music with old damaged pans, spoons, glasses or whatever we could find. 

    The view from the corner where I was stuck was not so great, but here are some pics : )

     (in this photo (down) he has in his head a stew-pot) 

    In a little conversation that I had with the artist, he told me that he was self-taught in guitar. As for the clarinet he had basic lessons up in the mountains where he had lived. I was amazed by such thing, because in my mind he was some kind of sound engineer feat. a professional musician. 

    Here is a video that I found online. 
    While listening to his music at the performance, I had a warm feeling of the country life up in the mountains. 
    Even though in this performance I like the ending which is smooth as it should be, in most of the songs that he performed the ending was really brutal, like a not-genuine cut. 

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    1. ciao, sono fabio di MusicaDaCucina
      ho trovato on line la bellissima foto
      che hai fatto al concerto a... cesena(???)
      è possibile averla? mi puoi scrivere