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    domenica 4 dicembre 2011


    Last Sunday night I was at mini live concert in town. I checked out for half an hour this [indie folk with a vibrant touch of electronic] band from Portland (USA).
    Note: You feel the real electronic vibe of the band at the second album: Dracula; at the first album they were more a laid back indie infused with a bit (sometimes more sometimes less) of folk. 
    They played songs from both albums and there was so much to say about the way one song differences from the other. I thought that as every concert they would start late, but unfortunately they were so punctual. The bar was all crowded, which is a little unusual for a Sunday night/mini live concert/in this kind of town. The only problem at that bar was the sound, it was a problem of the area and of the kind of materials that the bar was made of. For the first time, I had a night like the ones I have always wanted- smooth and entertaining.
    I posting right beneath three of my favorite songs and some pictures I took :)


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