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    mercoledì 15 agosto 2012

    reggae on the containers

    NOTE: Since I posted the Epilogue about the Scandinavian trip I have been thinking on what to write in the next post and my conclusion was "You can not write in a systematic way and being like a travel guide". Unfortunately making an arrangement out of things comes very (VERY) difficult to me, so I will post just things that come into my mind based on different indexes, I will do my best to keep everything as clean as possible, and somehow adjust a chaotic timeline, pros and cons about various topics, things and places will be also present. 

    When I was in Helsinki, we heard about a guerrilla Reggae party going on, around the area that we where living in. This thing was happening about 10 minutes walk from Suvilahti (we where staying in Suvilahti) in the direction of the harbor containers. It was insane, I had never seen a street party like that. Acoustics were pretty good and you could hear them from 1 km away (ok maybe a little bit less). What I enjoyed more was the atmosphere! The best part of the people attending were really into that kind of music, just a few people were walkers by, like me and my friends included. I think there where 2 or 3 weed dealers, but very persistent ones, they came to us a lot of times even though we weren't interested in buying (20 euros a gram!). The music was actually good, I liked it, but there were a few low moments with the worst commercial music ever. 

    A friend of mine found there a guy, who had home grown weed. I mean, he didn't have it with him because it was still little and not ready. The guy stayed with us more than 1h and was so persuasive even though it didn't seam to us like good company. What the hack, at least my friend got free cigarettes from him. We saw the same guy next day in a concert and avoided him, she said that "the cigarettes weren't worthed because he was such a pain in the a**". 

      You could feel the soul moving out of people's bodies meanwhile they were all dancing frenetically. Dirty dancing was also all over the place, some people looked like they were having intercourse right there on the side, but it was just a very provocative way of dancing. It was like seeing those Jamaican reggae videos (ok really sorry for stereotyping, hopefully I won't offend anyone) taking place right there- I mean kind of the same way people were moving and shaking their a**, the most enthusiastic ones where dancing over the containers.

     And keep rolling and rolling and rooolling. 

    The girl in the wheelchair was just a drunk one, as her friend too and the friend pushed the girl in a way that was disturbing because people got hurt on their toes. 

    Dirty dancing in three steps. 

    Check out carefully the face of the guy with the grey hoodie and hat on the left of the guy with the flame, at the last photo his face is just priceless. 

    What caught my attention was, this pretty drunk girl wearing a white summer (am I writing summer, meanwhile talking about an event in Helsinki??!) dress and just moving all over the place, not dancing but moving like trying to find her path meanwhile pushing through people. I gave her a cigarette and then saw her at the top of a table chillaxing, there were some persistent guys wanting conversation from her but never she talked to anyone (except when asking around for cigarettes). I don't know why but her presence gave me a weird feeling, everyone was dancing like crazy and then you have this girl moving all around like a ghost (in a white dress!)

    EASA people invading the party. We meet up with the Slovenians, the one's from South Africa and there at the last photo you can see the french enthusiasts shaking their goodies on the container. 

    yes, they played this song too and I was directly back to the easy days of being a pre-teen. 

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